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The only travel app built for travel.

Launching soon in New York City.


Different, by design

No matter where your journey takes you when visiting a new city, each day begins (and ends) in the same place: your hotel. So your hotel is where the Enables app begins, too.

Once you confirm where you're staying in the app, we customize the experience around your hotel and neighborhood. No other travel app provides the same level of personalization as the Enables app because no other travel app accounts for where you start and end each day while exploring a new city.


Below are a few of the Enables app features designed to help you make the most of your trip:

Contextual search

When exploring a new city, trying to search can be extremely frustrating. For example, finding a restaurant to stop at on the way back to your hotel requires you to remember the address or neighborhood where you are staying. We made this easy in the Enables app by including a "Near your hotel" filter in our search feature. 

Instant directions

Finding the best route back to your hotel is faster and easier in the Enables app than any maps app on your phone. No, we're not kidding. By confirming your hotel during setup, you are ensuring the app will have instant directions back to your hotel from anywhere in the city. 

Curated recommendations 

Does using the popular travel apps to find tours & activities tickets or restaurant reservations while traveling leave you overwhelmed with recommendations and unable to make a choice? We use a proprietary search algorithm along with human editors to curate the recommendations we make in the app, which results in fewer high-quality options for you.

Modern-day points of interest

We included the same major points of interest as other travel and maps apps, but also realized there are major points of interest those apps are ignoring: Instagrammable locations and Wifi hotspots. You can use the Enables app to find everything from a bank machine or pharmacy near the hotel to world-class museums to the places in the city for capturing the perfect photo for your Instagram feed. 



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